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Surgical Procedures

What does a general surgeon do?

General surgeons perform surgical treatments to treat illness, treat injuries, and advance wellness. Additionally, they carry out diagnostic procedures and advise on whether surgery is necessary. These medical professionals could be asked to operate on practically any bodily area. However, they usually concentrate on treating conditions and wounds to the heart, breasts, endocrine system, digestive system, abdomen, Knee, Kidney, Liver, Prostate etc.

Common Operative Procedures (Surgery)

Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Resection of abdominal aorta with anastomosis or replacement

Limb amputation

Total or partial amputation or disarticulation of the upper or lower limbs, including digits

Appendix surgery

Operation of appendix

AV shunt for dialysis

Arteriovenostomy for renal dialysis

Bile duct, liver or pancreatic surgery

Excision of bile ducts or operative procedures on the biliary tract, liver or pancreas (does not include operations on gall bladder only)

Breast surgery

Excision of lesion or tissue of breast including radical, modified, or quadrant resection, lumpectomy, incisional biopsy, or mammoplasty

Cardiac surgery

Procedures on the heart; includes valves or septum; does not include coronary artery bypass graft, surgery on vessels, heart transplantation, or pacemaker implantation

Coronary bypass with chest & donor incisions

Chest procedure to perform direct revascularization of the heart; includes obtaining suitable vein from donor site for grafting

Coronary bypass graft with chest incision

Chest procedures to perform direct vascularization of the internal mammary (thoracic) artery

Carotid endarterectomy

Endarterectomy on vessels of head and neck (includes carotid artery and jugular vein)

Gallbladder surgery

Cholecystectomy and cholecystotomy

Colon surgery

Incision, resection, or anastomosis of the large intestine; includes large-to-small and small-to-large bowel anastomosis; see REC for rectal operations


Excision, repair or exploration of the brain or meninges; does not include taps or punctures

Cesarean section

Obstetrical delivery by cesarean section

Spinal fusion

Immobilization of spinal column

Open reduction of fracture

Open reduction of fracture or dislocation of long bones with our without internal or external fixation; does not include placement of joint prosthesis

Gastric surgery

Incision or excision of stomach; includes subtotal or total gastrectomy; does not include vagotomy and fundoplication


Repair of inguinal, femoral, umbilical, or anterior abdominal wall hernia; does not include repair of diaphragmatic or hiatal hernia or hernias at other body sites

Hip prosthesis

Arthroplasty of hip

Heart transplant

Transplantation of heart

Abdominal hysterectomy

Abdominal hysterectomy; includes that by laparoscope

Knee prosthesis

Arthroplasty of knee

Kidney transplant

Transplantation of kidney


Exploration or decompression of spinal cord through excision or incision into vertebral structures

Liver transplant

Transplantation of liver

Neck surgery

Major excision or incision of the larynx and radical neck dissection; does not include thyroid and parathyroid operations

Kidney surgery

Resection or manipulation of the kidney with or without removal of related structures

Ovarian surgery

Operations on ovary and related structures

Pacemaker surgery

Insertion, manipulation or replacement of pacemaker

Prostate surgery

Suprapubic, retropubic, radical, or perineal excision of the prostate; does not include transurethral resection of the prostate

Peripheral vascular bypass surgery

Bypass operations on peripheral arteries and veins

Rectal surgery

Operations on rectum

Small bowel surgery

Incision or resection of the small intestine; does not include small-to-large bowel anastomosis

Spleen surgery

Resection or manipulation of spleen

Thoracic surgery

Noncardiac, nonvascular thoracic surgery; includes pneumonectomy and hiatal hernia repair or diaphragmatic hernia repair (except through abdominal approach)

Thyroid and/or parathyroid surgery

Resection or manipulation of thyroid and/or parathyroid

Vaginal hysterectomy

Vaginal hysterectomy; includes that by laparoscope

Ventricular shunt

Ventricular shunt operations, including revision and removal of shunt

Exploratory laparotomy

Abdominal operations not involving the gastrointestinal tract or biliary system; includes diaphragmatic hernia repair through abdominal approach

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