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Find trusted healthcare information and connect with the Indian healthcare community at Watchdoq Healthcare, your one-stop platform for reliable reviews. Compare surgery costs, discover top-rated hospitals, doctors, diagnostic centers and other healthcare services near you, and gain valuable insights from authentic patient experiences. Share your own healthcare journey by leaving a review and empower others to make informed decisions. Watchdoq Healthcare is committed to providing accurate information and fostering transparency through unbiased reviews. Rely on us for dependable healthcare resources and navigate your healthcare journey with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (For Patients and Caregiver)

What is watchdoq?
Watchdoq is a trusted healthcare review and comparison website mainly focused on transparency, accessibility and patient friendliness. Watchdoq allows patients to find hospital, doctor, diagnostic center and more. This suggestion is done by the analysis tool which measures practice, reputation, reviews and rating, quality, experience and overall satisfaction. Watchdoq does not remove negative reviews in exchange for payment from healthcare providers. We believe that any patients or caregiver should have access to transparent and truthful information to make knowledgeable selections about the provider before going for a treatment.
How can I provide review for a hospital or doctor?
Open in the browser of your PC or mobile. First select for whom you want to write a review (Hospital, doctor), Search for provider name (For example - CMC, AIIMS for hsopital OR Naresh Trehan for doctor OR simply provide the treatment name/ departmemnt (bypass surgery or cardiology), and location. You should be able to see their profile if any records exists on our platform, you can click on the review button to read or write the review. This is really important for you to know that all reviews must comply with the Watchdoq Review Guidelines in order to be posted.
Do I need to sign up to leave a review?
Yes, you can use gmail or fb login for writing review. This is to ensure that reviews are being written by real patients.
What should I consider while writing a review?
Consider this as an opportunity to provide the information about the treatment and overall experience. Sharing detail experience is much appreciated as this could be helpful for a future patient who want to visit the same hospital or doctor.
What if I do not find any hospital or doctor on Watchdoq?
You may not find a doctor or hospital on watchdoq because the same not have been added to our database yet. In this scenario, you can contact us with the doctor or hospital information with some details like name, address, specialty etc. We will make sure this has been submitted/added to our records. As you know this is a long time process to add genuine data after verification, we work on the same on a continuous basis to keep our database up-to-date, we really appreciate your help in this process.
Why your review was not posted?
Every review submitted on watchdoq, go through a verification process to ensure the quality and other parameters. This manual process might take some days, also, it is very important that a subitted review comply our Review Guidelines. You will get an email in case your review is not approved for submission. Watchdoq does not remove, or influence credible reviews, whether it is positive or negative.
Does Watchdoq modify any reviews that are already online?
The Watchdoq staff evaluates and moderates reviews to make sure they follow our Review Guidelines. Even though we reserve the right to edit reviews for clarity or language, we'll never change the tone or content of the review.
Can I believe the Watchdoq reviews?
You can, indeed! Watchdoq aims to be a reliable source for patients that is open and honest. Before being accepted and posted to the site, each review on Watchdoq is examined and vetted to make sure it accurately captures the experiences of actual patients. Additionally, we have automatic technologies that can be used to flag dubious content for inspection.
Can medical professionals or facilities pay to remove reviews?
Never will Watchdoq take money in any form to censor or delete bad reviews. Every patient, in our opinion, has a right to accurate information regarding medical facilities, clinics, and hospitals. We would be going back on our promise to patients to enable them to make informed decisions about their healthcare provider if we gave providers or facilities the authority to decide which reviews appear on their profiles.
What level of security do you have to safeguard my data?
Your data is always protected on the Watchdoq website thanks to encryption. We advise you to exercise caution when including details in written reviews that could be used to identify you, such as your display name or location.
Why are you compiling my personal data?
We demand an email address when you sign up for Watchdoq in order to create a login since we've discovered that doing so helps to confirm that reviews are being published by actual patients. Any extra details, such as location and display name, are optional.
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