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Find trusted healthcare information and connect with the Indian healthcare community at Watchdoq Healthcare, your one-stop platform for reliable reviews. Compare surgery costs, discover top-rated hospitals, doctors, diagnostic centers and other healthcare services near you, and gain valuable insights from authentic patient experiences. Share your own healthcare journey by leaving a review and empower others to make informed decisions. Watchdoq Healthcare is committed to providing accurate information and fostering transparency through unbiased reviews. Rely on us for dependable healthcare resources and navigate your healthcare journey with confidence.

Our Story: Inspired by Real-Life Experiences

At the heart of Watchdoq lies a narrative inspired by real-life events, woven together by a team of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our collective expertise stems from IT professionals, consultants, doctors, and medical professionals, hailing from esteemed institutions such as IIT, Jadavpur University, Ignou, Midpapore, and Calcutta Medical College. Our journey has been shaped by experiences gained at renowned organizations, including Morgan Stanley, Genpact, Technip, Woods, and more.

What Ignited the Watchdoq Initiative: A Few Pivotal Moments

1st Case: A Heartbreaking Wake-Up Call
In 2017, a friend's father experienced a sudden medical emergency while playing ludo with family. A major cerebral attack left him paralyzed, and the family, bewildered, faced exorbitant costs in a renowned hospital. With a leap of faith, we transferred him to a smaller nursing home, witnessing both a reduction in costs and a successful recovery under the care of a respected neurosurgeon.

2nd Case: Overstaying and Overpayment
Another incident involved a friend's father undergoing bypass surgery at a reputed Kolkata hospital. While the surgery was successful, the hospital extended the stay unnecessarily, leading to overpayment and extra charges beyond the mediclaim.

3rd Case: Chaos in Government Hospitals
A visit to one of Kolkata's largest government hospitals exposed us to the overwhelming pressure faced by patients. The lack of proper care, long queues, and inappropriate behavior in a high-pressure environment highlighted the challenges patients endure.

4th Case: The Importance of Second Opinions
A friend's wife faced recurring boils, and despite visits to various doctors, it took a local doctor's simple advice – avoiding surgery and using hot water and antiseptic lotion – to provide effective relief within days.

Observations and Decisions: A Patient-Centric Approach

These incidents, among many others, underscored the challenges patients regularly face – from finding the right doctor within budget constraints to navigating critical medical decisions. Recognizing these obstacles, we envisioned a platform to connect individuals with similar experiences, offering genuine feedback, suggesting doctors, hospitals, and services based on budgets, and facilitating informed decision-making.

Where We Stand Today: A Beacon of Patient-Centric Healthcare

Watchdoq has evolved into an intelligent system that considers patient and caregiver feedback, employing advanced technologies like NLP, sentiment analysis, and more. We prioritize genuine reviews, ensuring quality service recommendations without compromise. As we journey forward, our mission is to develop a fully AI-based recommendation tool, enhancing patient communication, engagement, experience, and care. We stand as a patient-centric platform, committed to providing services without charging patients.

Beyond Reviews and Ratings: Our Diverse Offerings

In addition to our review and rating platform, Watchdoq extends a plethora of services. Our Health Articles section consistently ranks on Google's first page, offering insightful Healthcare News & Aggregations. It also serves as a vibrant Patient & Caregiver Community, providing a multitude of resources:

Health Tools & Calculators
Treatment Guides (Common Treatment/Surgeries)
Hospital & Specialist Finder
Fitness & Wellness Resources
Emergency Services: Ambulance, Blood Banks
Essential Medications
Disease & Condition Information
Surgical Procedures (Common Surgical Procedures and cost in India)
Helpline Directory (Emergency)

At Watchdoq, our story is driven by a passion for transforming healthcare experiences, breaking barriers, and empowering patients and caregivers on their journey to well-being.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a user-friendly platform for patients so that they can provide reviews or feedback, the ultimate goal of improving patient care.
Watchdoq helps patients provide meaningful reviews or feedback based on their past treatment experience so that they can help other patients.
We at Watchdoq make sure this service is unbiased, secure, and trusted by patients, hospitals, and doctors. In this way, patients will have confidence in the reviews they refer, and healthcare providers can provide their patients a voice. Our aim is to become the first healthcare review platform trusted by patients and providers to start with in India and eventually become a global healthcare review platform.
Watchdoq is a Trusted Platform for healthcare Review and information aims to help others to find the best and cost-effective treatment solution.
Visit Watchdoq, In case you are looking for care for yourself or your family, read reviews OR feedback of patients like you and make your decision for treatment.
Compare hospitals based on surgery cost, patients' experience, and Quality
Your reviews are secure with US and never edited, We believe in unbiased, honest, and true patient opinions.
Watchdoq aims to be a dedicated and independent platform that provides healthcare analytics (in-detail analysis), accurate and cost-effective decision-making tools for better patient experience.

Watchdoq is one of India's leading providers of hospital reviews, doctor reviews, diagnostic centers, Test procedures, and other health services. Watchdoq aims to redefine the healthcare review platforms as an online resource that provides decision-oriented transparent information about hospitals, doctors, and other providers. Watchdoq believes in giving the power to all patients — regardless of their social and economic background — to find the correct healthcare providers for them by using a user-friendly system, 100% Trusted and Unbiased review, and comparison website focused on patient experience like quality and satisfaction level for hospitals, doctors, and other providers.

It is needless to mention that some of the existing review sites accept financial compensation in exchange for the removal of negative reviews. But at Watchdoq, we ensure transparency and never edit or remove negative reviews. Our motto is to be "No. 1 Trusted Platform For Healthcare Reviews."

To achieve this goal, we set out to make Watchdoq the most trustworthy, comprehensive, and informative healthcare provider review site of its standard.

Watchdoq ensures that a patient has sufficient information and feels confident before taking an important decision about his health. Watchdoq provides a comparison tool so that patients can compare the surgery costs before even going for it. A patient or other caregivers certainly take a decision based on the healthcare information and data analysis which is provided in a user-friendly OR easy-to-use manner. It is never easy for a patient or caregiver to make complicated healthcare decisions, especially in critical times. Here we come and promise to be a reliable resource with every step of your healthcare journey.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Latest Health Updates: Stay abreast of the most recent developments in healthcare, both in India and globally. Our team of experts keeps you informed about groundbreaking treatments, emerging technologies, and health trends.
Surgery Guides: Navigate the intricacies of medical procedures with our detailed surgery guides. From pre-operative considerations to post-operative care, we provide valuable insights to guide you through every step.
Health Specialties: Covering a spectrum of health specialties including cardiology, neurology, and more, our content is designed to cater to diverse healthcare needs.
In-Depth Reviews and Comparisons:
Hospitals and Doctors: Access comprehensive reviews and ratings of hospitals and doctors to make informed choices for your healthcare needs.
Diagnostic Centers: Explore insights into diagnostic centers, ensuring you have the information you need for accurate and timely diagnoses.
Medicine and Treatments: Get expert reviews and comparisons of medicines and treatment options, helping you understand your healthcare choices.
Healthcare Services: From ambulance services to home health and blood banks, we provide valuable information about a range of healthcare services.

Patient-Centric Approach:

Patient Experiences: Hear directly from patients about their experiences with various healthcare providers. Learn from real-life stories to make more personalized healthcare decisions.
Communication and Support: We emphasize effective communication and support within the healthcare ecosystem, ensuring you have the resources and guidance you need.
Expert-Backed Information
Surgery Cost Comparison:
Transparent Pricing: Our platform offers a surgery cost comparison feature, allowing you to make informed decisions about the financial aspects of your healthcare journey.
Expert Reviews:
Expert Insights: Benefit from expert reviews on various healthcare topics, providing you with well-researched and authoritative perspectives.

Revolutionizing Healthcare through Comprehensive Analytics:

Embarking on a mission from reviews to sentiment analysis to a process improvement tool, Watchdoq is not just a healthcare analytics platform; it's a Patient Treatment Management and Recommendation Engine meticulously crafted for the benefit of patients, hospitals, and service providers alike.

Dedicated to enhancing patient experiences, Watchdoq goes beyond conventional boundaries. By collecting authentic patient feedback, we transform it into insightful recommendation reports. This dynamic tool empowers patients and caregivers to navigate, understand, and discover hospitals, doctors, and various services tailored to their specific budget and requirements.

What sets Watchdoq apart is its ability to delve into sentiments associated with service providers. Users gain valuable insights, not only about the quality of service but also about the emotional resonance experienced by others. Our platform takes it a step further, allowing users to comprehend the intensity of emotion trends, providing a nuanced perspective for identifying areas of improvement.

At Watchdoq, our unwavering priority is to equip users with powerful tools that strengthen patient satisfaction, streamline workflow management, foster better relationships, and elevate the standard of care. With cutting-edge analytics at its core, Watchdoq is poised to revolutionize the healthcare landscape, delivering unparalleled value to patients, caregivers, hospitals, and service providers.

Empowering Patients with Verified Information for Informed Healthcare Decisions

The information provided on our website is thoroughly researched from reputable and trusted sources, and verified by medical professionals and doctors whose credentials are listed on our website and verified through their official sources. General information is compiled from various trusted sources and also verified by healthcare professionals.

Watchdoq is a patient-centric platform where we gather input such as quality, cost, service, and experience from real patients based on their recent or past experiences. We believe this is the most genuine way to gain insight into patient experiences. We are committed to impartiality and manually verify all input before publication. Additionally, we cross-reference patient data with the best reviews available.

We employ text/sentiment analysis (NLP) and review analysis from various platforms to provide an overall 'patient experience Insight.' This approach ensures that we offer the most trusted and unbiased reviews, ratings, and comparisons, helping patients and caregivers make informed decisions about their treatment plans.

Meet Our Expert Contributors

Behind every article, there is a team of experienced professionals committed to providing you with credible and reliable information. Our contributors are industry experts, thought leaders, and seasoned writers who bring a wealth of knowledge to each piece.

Why Trust Our Contributors?

  • Industry Expertise: Our contributors are recognized authorities in their respective fields, with years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of industry trends.
  • Educational Background: Many of our contributors hold advanced degrees and certifications, ensuring a robust foundation in their areas of expertise.
  • Professional Achievements: Our team members have made significant contributions to the industry, from published works to speaking engagements at renowned conferences.

Dr. Ayan Maiti is a medical officer at Uluberia E.S.I. Hospital, with previous experience as an intern at Midnapore Medical College and Hospital. Ayan studied MBBS at Midnapore Medical College.

Ankita Maiti holds a BSc (Honors) in Nursing from Howrah District Hospital.

Budhaditya Das has a strong background in business development, having worked at Cipla and Dr. Reddy's. With this experience, he has developed a deep understanding of pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Surya Chatterjee studied at Mahesh Bhattacharyya Homeopathic College.

Swapan Bhunia is a senior marketing executive at Kriya Path Lab and Diagnostic.


These are just a few individuals who are associated with us. We are also guided by many other experienced doctors (Nilratan Sircar Medical College, Kolkata, Institute Of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research, Kolkata) and healthcare professionals (Cipla, Lupin, Dr. Reddy etc) with vast experience in the healthcare industry. Additionally, our technical and operations team has over 15 years of experience (Polaris, Genpact, Technip etc) in Healthcare IT and other domains.

Your Confidence in Our Work

We understand the importance of transparency and credibility. While our contributors collectively bring a wealth of knowledge, we prioritize your trust by maintaining a focus on content quality and reliability.

How We Uphold Professionalism:

  • Author Bios: At the end of each article, you'll find comprehensive author bios that highlight the qualifications and experience of our contributors.
  • Professional Email Addresses: Our team uses professional email addresses for all communications, ensuring secure and trustworthy correspondence.
  • Social Media Presence: Connect with us on social media platforms to stay updated on the latest insights, interact with our team, and discover more about our contributors.

Recognition and Endorsements

Our work has been acknowledged by industry professionals, and our contributors have been featured in various publications. We believe in letting our expertise speak for itself through external endorsements and testimonials.

What Others Say:

"Insightful and well-researched content that stands out in the industry." - Industry Professional

"Consistent contributors to the dialogue on important industry topics." - Recognized Publication

Join Us on the Journey

As we continue to grow, your confidence and feedback remain at the heart of what we do. We invite you to explore our content, engage with our team, and become part of our community of informed readers.

Thank you for choosing Watchdoq – "The Trusted Platform For Healthcare Reviews".

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