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Watchdoq Healthcare blog, Healthcare review site in India, compare surgery cost. Find best hospital, doctors, diagnostic centers with trusted reviews . Find Patient reviews on watchdoq. You can provide valuable feedback to help other patients. This is the one of the credible source of healthcare information that bring to you by experienced patients and survivors. We ensure that the truth behind information reaches you. Unbiased Reviews. This is the most reliable source of healthcare information and services that you can rely on.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make an user friendly platform for patients so that they can provide review or feedback
Watchdoq help patients provide meaningful review or feedback based on their past treatment experience, so that they can help the other patient
We at Watchdoq make sure this service is unbiased, secure and trusted by patients, hospitals and doctors
In the the current system review is provided mainly for hospitals and doctors, while in the future we have plan to add feedback for other provider like Diagnostic Lab, medicines, pharmacies, home health services and more
Watchdoq is a Trusted Platform for healthcare Review and information aims to help others to find best and cost effective treatment solution
Visit Watchdoq, In case you are looking for care for yourself or your family, read review OR feedback of patients like you and make your decision for treatment
Compare hospitals based on surgery cost, petients experience and Quality
Your review are secure with US and never edited, We believe in unbiased, honest and true patient opinion
Watchdoq aims to be a dedicated and independent platform that provides the healthcare analytics (in-detail anlysis), accurate and cost effective decision making tool for better patient experience

Watchdoq is one of the India's leading providers of hospital reviews, doctor reviews, diagnostic centers, Test procedures and other health services. Watchdoq aims to redefine the healthcare review platforms as an online resource which provides decision oriented transparent information about hospitals, doctors and other providers. Watchdoq believe in giving the power to all patients — regardless of their social and economic background — to find the correct healthcare providers for them by using an user friendly system, 100% Trusted and Unbiased review and comparison website focused on patient experience like quality and satisfaction level for hospital, doctor and other provider.

It is needless to mention that some of the existing review sites accept financial compensation in exchange for removal of negative reviews. But at Watchdoq we ensure the transparency and never edit or removes the negative reviews. Our moto to be "No. 1 Trusted Platform For Healthcare Reviews".

To achieve this goal, we set out to make Watchdoq the most trustworthy, comprehensive and informative healthcare provider review site of its standard.

Watchdoq ensures that a patient, have sufficient information and feel confident before taking an important decision about his health. Watchdoq provides comparison tool so that patient can compare the surgery costs before even going for it. A patient or other care givers certainly take a decision based on the healthcare information and data analysis which is provided by a user friendly OR easy to use manner. It is never easy for a patient or care giver to take the complicated healthcare decisions specially in critical time, Here we come and promise to be a reliable resource with every step of your healthcare journey.

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