Sudha Murty Advocates for Government Sponsored Cervical Cancer Vaccine and Promotes Domestic Tourism

Sudha Murty Advocates for Government Sponsored Cervical Cancer Vaccine and Promotes Domestic Tourism

Written by Watchdoq Newsportal. July 04, 2024

In her debut speech at the Rajya Sabha, Sudha Murty passionately called for the government to sponsor cervical cancer vaccinations for girls aged nine to 14. She emphasized prevention over cure, highlighting the vaccine’s effectiveness in averting the disease. Murty, a renowned philanthropist and author, underscored that affordability and accessibility are critical to safeguarding girls' health nationwide.

Murty, recently appointed to the Rajya Sabha, stressed the government's capability to execute large-scale vaccination drives, citing the successful Covid vaccination efforts. She proposed that government intervention could significantly reduce the current cost of ?1,400 per dose to around ?700-800, making it accessible to all. Drawing from international practices, Murty urged India to adopt and implement these preventive measures swiftly.

Additionally, Murty advocated for the recognition of 57 domestic tourist sites as World Heritage Sites to boost domestic tourism. She passionately described the cultural and natural marvels across India, from the majestic Bahubali statue in Karnataka to the intricate monuments of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh. She highlighted the natural wonders like the root bridges of Mizoram and Tripura's sculptural beauty, urging better infrastructure and amenities to enhance visitor experiences.

Highlighting the historical significance, Murty lamented that sites like Sarnath's ancient monuments and Kashmir's Mughal gardens, despite their cultural richness, remain excluded from the World Heritage list. She stressed the economic benefits of promoting tourism within the country, envisioning enhanced revenue and cultural preservation through strategic development of these sites.

Murty's passionate advocacy in Parliament underscores her commitment to public health and cultural preservation. Her proposals aim to empower women's health through accessible healthcare solutions while promoting India's rich cultural heritage on a global stage.