Lords Mark Industries Embarks on a Global Healthcare Journey, Exporting Over 6.55 Million Diagnostic Supplies to SAARC Nations

Posted by Watchdoq Newsportal on January 19, 2024     

In a significant stride towards global healthcare, Lords Mark Industries Ltd., through its healthcare division, LordsMed, has unveiled its Export Division for diagnostic supplies. The company is set to export over 6.55 million diagnostic supplies to SAARC countries, solidifying its position as a key player in the In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) manufacturing and export sector.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - With a commitment to delivering top-quality IVD solutions at a reduced cost, LordsMed has already successfully exported an impressive 4.55 million diagnostic supplies. The company aims to surpass this figure with an additional 2 million exports by the end of the current month. This ambitious venture is part of their broader goal to establish themselves as a leading global player in IVD manufacturing and export.

Mr. Manav Teli, Executive Director of Lord’s Mark Industries Ltd., expressed excitement about the company's expansion beyond borders. "We are thrilled to announce our presence across borders with successful exports to Nepal and Bangladesh. Our goal has always been to emerge as a global leader in IVD manufacturing, providing top-quality solutions at an affordable cost," he said.

LordsMed's advanced manufacturing facilities, situated on the outskirts of Mumbai, boast a capacity of over 1.7 crore diagnostic tests per month. The diagnostic tests cover a wide range of specialties, including biochemistry, haematology, serology, rapid tests, and urine strip tests. The company has built a robust network of over 300 distributor channels across India.

Mr. Teli added, "This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards meeting the healthcare needs of a wider population. We are also excited to explore OEM opportunities and further scale up our manufacturing capacity, ensuring accessible diagnostics for all."

As Lords Mark Industries continues to strengthen its presence in the Indian market, it strategically focuses on supplying neighbouring countries with high-quality IVD products. The conglomerate, with five companies under its umbrella, is not only making strides in healthcare but also in renewable energy products and paper.

Lords Mark Industries Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 1998, has seen impressive growth and diversification, making a mark in various industries, including the medical diagnostic sector. LordsMed, the global healthcare division, aims to become an integrated healthcare provider offering quality products in therapeutic care, hygiene care, pharma distribution, diagnostics, and safety essentials.

As the company takes this leap towards international prominence, it not only emphasizes business growth but also underscores its commitment to providing quality healthcare solutions on a global scale.

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About LordsMed: LordsMed, the global healthcare division of Lords Mark Industries Pvt. Ltd, aims to become an integrated healthcare provider offering quality products in verticals encompassing therapeutic care (chronic & acute), hygiene care, pharma distribution, diagnostics and safety essentials. Lords Med is a manufacturer of In- Vitro Diagnostic test kits, Semi Autoanalyzer, Haematology machines, Rapid kits, Biochemistry Reagents k and Special Parameter used mostly by all government organisations, hospital (public and private) and labs via 400 plus strong distribution network Pan India. Lords Med is a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic kits for COVID-19 (antigen and antibody), malaria and dengue. It is an authorized distributor partner of medical devices like health tracking. The division has more than 60 registered brands across chronic & acute care. Our R&D research team is constantly under development of new and unique products which can be useful to the public. lordsmed.com.