Why are we building watchdoq
Because we believe patient review/feedback can transform India’s public healthcare system

By listening, learning and acting upon customer feedback/reviews, hospitals, doctors and other service providers can slowly improve the perceptions about the quality and accessibility of their services.

To improve health outcomes, the health organisations need to work on quality of care by focusing on the performance of the staff, quality of infrastructure, non-medical issues like waiting time, accessibility, privacy, time with a doctor, administrative efficiency, and other services such as food and lodging for patient families need to be considered for overall good patient experience management.

You can always trust the reviews on our platform: 

Accessible and unbiased: Our feedback mechanism allow patients or caregiver like you to share experience from phone or laptop/PC.

We understand patient mind: We strictly follow some well defined checklist and metrics to ensure patient satisfaction that balance the need for correct medical care with personal expectations of patients.

Committed: We are commited to the patients and provider to improve infrastructure, training, skills and overall patient experience.

Every review/feedback has to go under certain checklist, verification, authentication before publishing on the website. This ensures the accuracy, privacy and authenticacy for reviews.

We believe high levels of patient satisfaction are associated with key health outcomes. Generally satisfied patients has lower rates of re-admission, suffered less heart failure, and lower rates of post-surgery mortality.

To make a change and build a strong public health system, we need to start by listening to patients voice, respect for them and focus on results.

Our services:

Read review, compare surgery costs for different hopitals and choose according to your budget
Find doctors, hospitals, diagnostic with quality checklist to assure affortable best treatment
You can get benefited by using this platform as a second opinion for any surgery or treatment