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  • BMS cancer drug’s expanded approval gives it an edge over a Gilead cell therapy

    The new FDA approval for Breyanzi moves the Bristol Myers Squibb cancer cell therapy into an earlier line of treatment for an aggressive type of blood cancer. The decision also gives the pharmaceutical giant access to an additional pool of patients untapped by a rival cell therapy from Gilead Sciences.

  • Startups must warm up to provider workflows to create effective tech, healthcare CIO says

    Startups should co-develop products with healthcare providers and figure out how to plant themselves into hospitals and clinics’ operating models. This will allow them to create effective technology, according to the healthcare executives speaking at a Monday panel on alleviating healthcare inefficiencies through innovation.

  • How health systems can successfully manage and grow their provider networks with an EHR

      Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the preferences and expectations of healthcare consumers have […]

  • Flawed design is why hospitals are not complying with price transparency rules

    Experts believe CMS’ price transparency rule is flawed in its design because the highly complex billing data it is asking hospitals to post is too confusing for consumers to understand. The complicated structure of the healthcare system — from care variance to deductibles to billing codes — means that producing an accurate price estimate is virtually impossible. To improve compliance, hospitals will need health tech companies to step in.

  • Ipsen’s $247M Epizyme acquisition brings approved cancer drug & more in pipeline

    Ipsen is paying $247 million to acquire Epizyme, a cancer drug developer with one FDA-approved product: follicular lymphoma therapy Tazverik. The drug is a modest seller now, but more cash could be paid out if the small molecule hits sales targets in coming years.

  • Convergence of medtech and health tech: Helping providers plan procedures and easing patient anxiety [Sponsored]

    A pediatric health system enlisting mixed reality and 3D printing technology illustrates how clinical collaboration and patient education can improve patient outcomes for complex procedures.

  • Gene variants may determine survival in Parkinson’s patients: Study

    The findings showed that patients who had either the LRRK2 or PRKN gene mutations had a longer survival time than patients without a gene mutation The post Gene variants may determine survival in Parkinson’s patients: Study appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • Report: Doctors want health systems to be more involved in maintaining their digital provider profiles

    Providers’ digital profiles must be robust in order to best attract and retain patients, according to a new report. Nearly all providers included in the study said that it is important for the hospitals or health systems that employ them to take a more active role in managing their profiles.

  • More than 50 per cent of patients delay cataract surgeries in India: Survey

    The survey was conducted with over 1000+ respondents across metros as well as the data analysed by the Pristyn Care Data Lab on cataract surgeries performed till now The post More than 50 per cent of patients delay cataract surgeries in India: Survey appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • A myopic approach to merger regulation fails consumers instead of protecting them

    Consolidated healthcare systems – even cross market systems – don’t have to raise their prices to have anticompetitive effects. They can leverage their size by using the volume of their purchases to extract discounts and other concessions from payers, national suppliers, and from labor pools.

  • Thought partnerships: The new frontier of client-agency partnerships

    With emerging biotech needing help with a little bit of everything, these preferred partnerships can deliver a type of one-stop shopping leveraging an agency’s best practices, current trends, and data.

  • How small biotech companies can make the most out of today’s deal-making landscape

    For small biotech companies that are always raising money, business development is a critical next step. Joining with a credible partner goes a long way in validating technology and platforms and gives small biotech companies the runway needed to grow.

  • As muscular dystrophy drug meets key goal, Italfarmaco plans march forward to regulators

    A Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug candidate from Italfarmaco Group has encouraging preliminary data from a pivotal study. The Milan, Italy-based pharmaceutical company says it now plans to meet with U.S. and European authorities about seeking regulatory approval for the small molecule.

  • Following Roe decision, bad actors will try to target reproductive health data

    State bans would mean sensitive patient data, such as interactions with a telehealth provider to obtain abortion drugs, could be used against someone as a threat. One expert warned that the value of such data will “skyrocket.”

  • New data for Intellia’s CRISPR therapy shows potential for one-time treatment of a rare disease

    An Intellia Therapeutics therapy that uses CRISPR to perform in vivo genomic edits has clinical data showing that the therapeutic effects continue for a year in patients. The biotech now plans to speak with regulators about the design for a pivotal clinical trial testing this therapy, a potential one-time treatment for a rare inherited disease.

  • Conservative majority on Supreme Court, as expected, end nationwide right to abortion

    The decision about whether to allow the procedure now falls to individual state governments, and only 16, plus the District of Columbia, have passed laws to preserve the option, while two others have state constitutional protections that have been cited by state courts as protections for abortion.

  • Scientists use human breast milk to treat prolonged COVID

    The breast milk improved her immunity levels and helped her test negative within a week, according to the case reported in an article published in the journal Viruses The post Scientists use human breast milk to treat prolonged COVID appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • GIBS to organise the 7th Annual Congress on IC/BPS GIBS 2022 in August

    The 2022 annual conference of GIBS has been envisaged around the current theme "Save a Bladder -Save a Family” The post GIBS to organise the 7th Annual Congress on IC/BPS GIBS 2022 in August appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • What’s the future of virtual-first care? [Sponsored]

    The Future of Virtual-First Care eBook, sponsored by Wheel, explores some of the challenges and trends in virtual-first care. It also offers clues as to how healthcare stakeholders envision the future of virtual health.

  • How to undertake radiology/imaging equipment planning and procurement

    Shantanu Thatte, Head Bio-med, HOSMAC highlights why understanding how to plan the different types of radiology/imaging equipment thereby covering a few aspects of project preparation, procurement, project delivery, total cost of ownership, and emerging new technologies is of crucial importance The post How to undertake radiology/imaging equipment planning and procurement appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • MedLern collaborates with Aster MIMS to provide resuscitation training to healthcare professionals

    The collaboration was announced at the recently held Aster International Emergency Medicine Conclave EMERGENZ2022 which was organised by Aster MIMS, Kozhikode The post MedLern collaborates with Aster MIMS to provide resuscitation training to healthcare professionals appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • Medallion gets a $35M boost to continue its goal of removing inefficiencies in provider management

    Medallion — a provider management platform that automates licensing, continuing education tracking, credentialing and compliance — has completed three funding rounds in one year. On Thursday, it closed a $35 million Series C round, which will be used to help the startup attract more hospital and health system customers.

  • Specialty pharmacy serving HIV patients wins arbitration against CVS in rare public case

    Confidentiality agreements typically prevent the public from obtaining a window into the cases against pharmacy behemoths but a public court filing makes this one different.

  • Biopharma firm Radius Health is going private in an $890M M&A deal

    Two private equity firms have reached an $890 million deal to buy Radius Health, a company whose main asset is the commercialized osteoporosis drug Tymlos. In other M&A news, cancer biotech F-star Therapeutics is being acquired in a $161 million deal.

  • Telehealth visits for mental health continue to rise despite dropping in every other specialty

    Mental health is bucking the overall trend in telehealth utilization. A new report found that telehealth accounted for 87% of mental health appointments booked last month. That percentage is continuing to climb, despite virtual care visits declining across all other specialties.

  • Which clinical trial innovation startups will present at INVEST PharmaTech Pitch Perfect?

    The Pitch Perfect contest at MedCity INVEST PharmaTech, the free virtual conference scheduled for July 26, will spotlight five startups seeking to improve clinical trials.

  • Illnesses caused by BA.2.38 are mild, self-limiting: COVID-19 study

    The strains such as BA.2, BA.2.38 or BA.5 or for that matter any other offspring, will keep changing, the study says The post Illnesses caused by BA.2.38 are mild, self-limiting: COVID-19 study appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • How health tech can improve the patient and provider experience [Sponsored]

    Leaders in healthcare draw attention to the myriad ways cloud computing technology is transforming healthcare.

  • Couples opting for surrogacy to buy 3 year health insurance for surrogate mothers: Government

    According to the rules notified by the Union health ministry on June 21, the number of attempts of any surrogacy procedure on the surrogate mother should not be more than three time The post Couples opting for surrogacy to buy 3 year health insurance for surrogate mothers: Government appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • MyDentalPlan announces expansion plans

    In the next growth phase, MyDentalPlan will be looking at adding newer clinics and will also strengthen its base in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru The post MyDentalPlan announces expansion plans appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • Clarity will help stem the problem of ‘winners and losers’ in medical device safety and security

    The Clarifying Remanufacturing to Protect Patient Safety Act was introduced by Reps. Scott Peters (D-CA), Kim Schrier (D-WA), and John Joyce (R- PA) to clarify the meaning of medical device remanufacturing and empower the FDA to educate company technicians so they know if they’ve crossed the line into a regulated activity. 

  • SRL Diagnostics launches new reference laboratory in Chennai

    The laboratory will also be the ‘Center of Excellence’ for Transplant Immunology The post SRL Diagnostics launches new reference laboratory in Chennai appeared first on Express Healthcare.

  • Novartis picks Precision Bio to bring in vivo gene editing meds to blood disorders

    Novartis is paying Precision Bio $75 million up front to begin a partnership aiming to develop in vivo gene-editing therapies for serious genetic blood disorders, such as sickle cell disease. One of the goals of the alliance is to make genetic medicines more globally accessible.

  • Google Cloud exec: Real-world data could eliminate the need for placebos in clinical trials

    The speed of Covid-19 vaccine trials should inspire the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to accelerate its clinical testing, according to Shweta Maniar, Google Cloud’s director for healthcare and life sciences. She argued that harnessing real-world data will make faster clinical trials achievable for all therapeutics and devices, possibly even eliminating the need to recruit a placebo arm.

  • How to cure the system with data analytics

    Collecting SDOH, adding this data to patient profiles, enabling health data analytics, and taking data-based actions has proven to help significantly.

  • Using fertility testing to grow a family

    The ability of healthcare providers to leverage accurate, sophisticated and timely diagnostic testing for infertility patients is a crucial part of the patient journey.

  • ‘Not a traditional startup’: How Providence’s Advata is getting a head start on tackling healthcare inefficiencies

    Providence spun out Advata two weeks ago, and the startup, which has 30 customers and 150 employees, sells a suite of insights-focused data software products designed to improve population health and revenue cycle management.

  • Athira Alzheimer’s drug fails mid-stage, but the biotech still eyes a Phase 3 path

    An Alzheimer’s disease drug from Athira Pharma has failed a Phase 2 clinical trial and the biotech has a surprising theory why. Athira says standard of care drugs Alzheimer’s patients are already taking may diminish the effect of its small molecule and this finding could inform how the company proceeds with an ongoing Phase 3 clinical trial.

  • MedShift CEO shares vision for growth [Sponsored]

    A veteran of GE Healthcare, Joe Gasque talks about how he's growing the company's niche position in the high-paced aesthetics industry, offering services to surgeons, practitioners, medical device and injectables manufacturers.

  • Cardiologs is using Holter recordings instead of ECGs to catch more cases of AFib

    Cardiologs is developing a new model to predict atrial fibrillation. A new study, sponsored by the Paris-based company, showed that the algorithm can accurately predict the near-term presence or absence of AFib using only the first 24 hours of a Holter device recording.