India’s Medical Milestone: Hand Transplants Transform Lives at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad

Posted by Watchdoq Newsportal on January 23, 2024     

In a groundbreaking achievement, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, pioneers North India’s first-ever hand transplantation on a 64-year-old kidney transplant patient. The emotionally charged surgeries, spanning 17 hours each, herald a new era in Indian medical history.

Gautam Tayal, a 64-year-old Delhi resident, lost his left hand above the wrist in an industrial accident. Already a kidney transplant recipient on immunosuppressants, he became the first in India to undergo a hand transplant. Dr. Mohit Sharma, Head of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, described the intricate procedure involving the union of bones, arteries, tendons, and nerves. Tayal, on his road to recovery, expressed gratitude, stating, “This hand transplant has gifted me a new lease of life.”

The second recipient, Devansh Gupta, a 19-year-old from Delhi, lost both upper limbs and a lower limb in a tragic train accident three years ago. His prayers were answered as he became the recipient of hands from a 33-year-old Surat man, marking India’s second such case. Dr. Anil Murarka, Senior Consultant, highlighted the challenges of upper arm-level transplants, emphasizing Devansh’s excellent progress post-surgery.

Devansh Gupta, overcome with emotion, shared, “Getting a new pair of hands seems like a dream come true to me. I eagerly look forward to the day when I will feel the first sensation in my hands and be able to move my fingers. I thank the doctors of Amrita Hospital for giving me a new life and a new hope.”

The success of these remarkable surgeries was not without risk. The 64-year-old patient faced potential kidney failure due to the complex operation. Dr. Sanjeev Singh, Medical Director, lauded the multidisciplinary team for their exceptional efforts. The accomplishment positions Amrita Hospital as a global leader in hand transplants.

The triumphant outcomes can be attributed to a collaborative effort across various departments. The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team, Anesthesiology, Orthopaedics, Nephrology, Pathology, and Physical Medicine played pivotal roles. Dr. Mohit Sharma expressed gratitude for divine blessings from Amma, the institute’s founder.

In a statement, Swami Nijamritananda Puri, Administrative Director, commended the hospital’s world-class infrastructure and surgeons’ exceptional skills. Dr. Sanjeev Singh extended congratulations, anticipating normal lives for both patients.

This unprecedented achievement is a testament to the medical prowess of Amrita Hospital, setting a new standard for transformative healthcare in India. As these patients embark on their journey to recovery, the world watches in awe at the power of medical science and the unwavering spirit of individuals given a second chance at life.