Bangladesh Faces Severe Dengue Outbreak 2023 : Alarming Rise in Cases and Fatalities

Posted by Watchdoq Newsportal on July 25, 2023     

The dengue outbreak in Bangladesh has escalated into a major health crisis, with a significant increase in cases and fatalities this year. As of 18th July 2023, the country has recorded a staggering 127 fatalities, which is five times higher than the previous year. On the same day, an unprecedented 1,533 patients were admitted to hospitals, bringing the total number of admissions to a shocking 24,000. This widespread dengue outbreak has severely impacted 60 districts across Bangladesh. Among all eight divisions, the highest incidence of cases is observed in Chattogram, Dhaka, and Barisal. (IFRC, 24th July 2023)

Bangladesh Witnesses Unprecedented Surge in Dengue Cases

The situation in Bangladesh has worsened, witnessing the highest number of dengue-related hospitalizations in a single day, with 2,292 new cases and 9 fatalities reported, bringing the total death toll to 176.

The mosquito-borne disease, transmitted primarily by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, has posed a significant public health challenge for Bangladesh. Of the new cases, 1,024 were admitted to hospitals in Dhaka, while the remaining were from other regions.

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) in Bangladesh reported the alarming statistics, indicating the severity of the outbreak. Presently, there are 7,175 active dengue patients receiving treatment, with 4,149 of them being treated in the capital city of Dhaka, as reported by the Dhaka Tribune. The cumulative dengue cases recorded this year have reached 32,977, with a staggering 25,626 new cases in July alone.

Comparing the situation to last year's outbreak, which was already deemed the worst, the current figures have surpassed all previous records. In 2022, Bangladesh reported 62,423 dengue cases and 281 dengue-related deaths, along with 61,971 recoveries. This year, July has been the deadliest month, with 109 deaths and 20,465 dengue cases reported in just 21 days.

A Month-wise Analysis: From January to July 2023

The month-wise analysis of 2023 reveals a concerning trend, with the number of cases and fatalities steadily increasing each month. In January, there were 566 dengue cases and six deaths reported, followed by 111 cases in February, 143 cases and two deaths in March, 50 cases and two deaths in April, and 1036 cases and two deaths in May. June saw a significant rise with 5,956 cases and 34 deaths. However, the situation took a grave turn in July, with a staggering 20,465 cases and 109 deaths reported in just 21 days.

Health Experts Warn of a Severe Phase Ahead

Health experts have issued warnings about a more severe phase of dengue infections expected in August and September. These two months are particularly suitable for breeding Aedes mosquitoes, the carriers of the virus. Authorities are taking measures to control the spread of the disease, but public awareness and preventive measures are crucial to combat this outbreak effectively.

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